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Friday, December 13, 2019

Current PMFs

Owning Your Experience


Orientation for Fellows will be offered periodically throughout the year via a webinar through Adobe Connect. The presentation will address program requirements and answer individual questions; it will last approximately one to two hours. Fellows attending this orientation may count their time towards the required formal interactive training hours. Fellows who are onboard with their appointing agency are eligible to attend. Fellows are reminded to consult with their Supervisor and Agency PMF Coordinator in meeting the agency's training and development requirements.

You can check to see if your computer and network are properly configured for Adobe Connect by clicking on the Adobe Connect Pre-Meeting Diagnostic Test link at You may need to seek assistance from your agency's IT department.

Adobe Connect is also supported on mobile devices. To find out more, go to

NOTE:  This webinar is for current Fellows only. If you are a newly appointed Finalist, please be sure your appointment is recorded by your Agency PMF Coordinator. You will only be confirmed by using your work email address associated to your PMF appointment. Current Finalists can verify the recording of their appointment or acceptance of an appointment by checking their status in the on-line list of Finalists.

Registration for each session will open approximately 1 month in advance. All requests must include the Fellow's work email address. During the on-line registration, Fellows will be asked to provide information about their appointment, Supervisor's name and email address, and the name of their Agency PMF Coordinator. Once eligibility to attend is confirmed, Fellows will be sent a confirmation email with information about connecting to the webinar shortly before the scheduled session. Fellows may want to add the following email address to their "safe list" to ensure delivery of system notifications: 

You can register for by selecting the link below. Only those webinars available by audience will be listed. If you do not see a webinar specific to you, please check back for updates.

Register for Next Session

NOTE:  Those Fellows who participate in a session will be sent an automated email from Adobe Connect to be used as proof of participation. Many agencies require such proof as part of their certification process at the end of the fellowship. Fellows should record their participation in their Individual Development Plan (IDP) as part of their training and development and retain the email for their records. The PMF Program Office will not be able to provide additional proof of participation other than the automated email.

UPDATED: 08-22-2018