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Thursday, January 23, 2020


Advising Students

Placement Opportunities

Federal agencies partner with the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program Office to hire Fellows annually. Fellows engage in solving domestic and international issues including, but not limited to: 

  • Public Administration
  • Engineering
  • Foreign Policy
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health
  • Financial Management
  • Mathematics
  • Privacy
  • Cybersecurity

Flyers are available under the Resources section that identifies degrees and disciplines Federal agencies have a need for.

Effective with the PMF Class of 2020 application, we expanded the list of programs of study, degrees, and disciplines to include the following:

  1. Expanded options for "Area Studies" to include African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Russian, and Other)
  2. Cybersecurity-Related
  3. Global Affairs
  4. Project Management
  5. Public Policy

A full list, along with the skills, competencies, and attributes, and languages criteria presented to applicants during the annual PMF application process and available to participating Federal agencies when searching Finalists in the PMF TMS (Talent Management System), can be found via the "Application Criteria" document under the Resources section. This list is subject to change and will only be updated if the criteria changes.


Eligibility criteria can be found under the Become a PMF\Eligibility section.


The following are application tips for academia to emphasize to their students:

  • To prepare for the online assessment, applicants should review the annual “Assessment Preparation Guide” found under Become a PMF/Assessment Process.
  • Applicants can use any format and style for their resume. See the “Resume” section under Become a PMF\Application Process\Application Tips.
  • Applicants must follow the transcript requirements as defined under the “Transcripts” under Become a PMF\Application Process\Application Tips.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply using their personal email address versus their .edu address in case they lose access to their school’s email account or if the school’s servers block PMF emails.
  • Applicants should add the following email addresses to their “safe list” to help prevent PMF emails going to SPAM:,, and
  • Applicants should avoid applying late; the entire application (including the on-line assessment) can take 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Selection Process

The selection process is straightforward and consists of four parts:

1. Application

Applicants will be able to apply to the PMF Program via an announcement on USAJOBS ( NOTE:  The announcement can only be found on USAJOBS when it is actually open. The announcement will contain a link for applicants to create an applicant user account on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS (Talent Management System). Applicants do not need a USAJOBS user account to apply. 

All applicants must submit a resume and transcript. Additional information about resumes and transcripts (including an alternative) can be found under the Application Tips section. Academia should review the transcript (and/or alternative) instructions listed in this section.

2. Assessment and Finalist Selection

Applicants are directed to complete the on-line assessment during the application process. The on-line assessment is administered in an unproctored environment and consists of multiple batteries. Each battery is timed. The on-line assessment will help determine the selection of Finalists.

An "Assessment Preparation Guide" is available under the Become A PMF\Assessment Process webpage, which includes instructions for the on-line assessment, including sample questions and reasonable accommodations. The Guide will be posted prior to the launch of the application and may be updated throughout the application cycle. The Guide is removed shortly after the application closes.

4. Agency Placement as a Fellow

Finalists can apply to openings at specific Federal Agencies as a Presidential Management Fellow. Finalists who receive a job offer from an agency, subject to a background investigation and meeting qualifications, must be appointed within twelve months of the official announcement of their selection as a Finalist (otherwise referred to as the appointment eligibility period). Before onboarding, the Finalist must have completed all advanced degree requirements (including the successful completion/defense of any thesis/dissertation). Advanced Degree means a professional or graduate degree (e.g., master's, Ph.D., J.D.).

NOTE:  If a current Finalist reapplies to the next class application, he/she forfeits their status upon initiating an application and the on-line assessment.  See the Become a PMF\Eligibility section on this website for more information.

UPDATED: 09-27-2019