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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Become a PMF

Find a Job

Congratulations on becoming a Finalist! You are now eligible to find a PMF appointment in a participating Federal agency. And while it’s undoubtedly exciting, navigating the process of finding a PMF appointment can also be challenging, especially if you are new to civil service.

The PMF Program Office will schedule informational webinars and invite Finalists shortly after the official selection and announcement of Finalists. With these in mind, we encourage you to take some time to thoroughly review the information below as you prepare to search for an appointment and begin your Federal career. We also encourage you to review the “Finalist Checklist,” a one-pager highlighting the most important steps to keep in mind; which can be found on the Resources webpage.

The following webpages will provide useful information on your next steps as a Finalist: Eligibility, Appointment Opportunities, Preparations, and the Hiring Event.

Upon Appointment

Once a Finalist accepts a tentative PMF appointment offer, he/she should complete the OPM Form 1306, PMF Appointment Intake Form. This form collects basic appointment information for updating the PMF TMS (e.g., the PMF appointment opportunity announcement number, anticipated start date, position title, job series, grade level, agency/sub-agency, and/or name and email address of supervisor). Finalists are encouraged to immediately fill out the form and submit to the PMF Program Office and to the Agency PMF Coordinator of the appointing agency upon formal acceptance of a PMF appointment offer. Finalists may not know all of the initial appointment information and may submit updates along the way.

Ultimately it is the Agency PMF Coordinator of the appointing agency who is responsible for entering appointment information in the PMF TMS; however, the PMF Program Office may enter such information to assist Coordinators and Finalists. The form can be found under the Resources webpage.

Based on this information, the Finalist's status will be updated in the PMF TMS. Your status as a Finalist changes to a Fellow once you accept or start your appointment and/or when the appointment information is recorded in the PMF TMS. Once a Finalist is recorded as accepting a PMF appointment offer, he/she will no longer have access to search for appointment opportunities and their status changes to "Appointed". Once a Finalist onboards as a Fellow, he/she would log into the Apply Site of the PMF TMS to search for other opportunities (e.g., rotational and training). The 2-year fellowship begins on the first day of onboarding as a PMF/Fellow.

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UPDATED:  11-16-2020