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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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The PMF Program has a rich history going back to 1977 when President Carter issued Executive Order 12008 establishing "The Presidential Management Intern Program." Four follow-on Executive Orders renamed and refined the program, laying out the rules by which the program would be administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

President Obama's Executive Order 13562 made additional changes to the PMF Program and combined it under the Pathways Programs umbrella.

The table below contains a variety of Program regulations, policies, Executive orders, and a fact sheet.

NOTE:  The previous "PMF Guide for Agencies" included program guidance based on previous PMF Program regulations. The PMF Program Office is planning to replace the Guide with a "PMF Program Operations Manual" based on current Pathways Programs regulations. The Manual will be posted to this webpage and communicated to participating Federal agencies once available.

DocumentDescriptionFile Type
Pathways Transition and Implementation Guidance As a result of the Pathways regulations, this guidance was created and distributed to participating Federal agencies on how to transition and implement their Pathways Programs as of 06/22/2012. This is an Adobe (.pdf) file. Pdf [536 KB]
Program Regulations Current regulations creating the Pathways Programs, and impacting the PMF Program, posted in the Federal Register on May 11, 2012, as a result of Executive Order 13562. Regulations effective July 10, 2012. This is an Adobe (.pdf) file posted 05/2012. Pdf [332 KB]
Pathways Programs Handbook The purpose of the handbook is to provide practical guidance to agency personnel responsible for the implementation and/or administration of the Pathways Programs. The Handbook, which reflects Government-wide guidance, should serve as a template for agencies to use in the development of an agency-specific program. This is an Adobe (.pdf) file effective 08-2016. Pdf [622 KB]
Executive Orders

This Adobe (.pdf) file, posted 12/2010, contains all Program Executive Orders from 1977 to the present:

  • Executive Order 13562 of December 27, 2010
  • Executive Order 13318 of November 21, 2003
  • Executive Order 12645 of July 12, 1988
  • Executive Order 12364 of May 24, 1982
  • Executive Order 12008 of August 25, 1977
Pdf [36 KB]
Presidential Management Fellows Program Fact Sheet The fact sheet outlines the changes to the PMF Program as a result of the Pathways Programs regulations. This is an Adobe (.pdf) file posted on 05/11/2012. Pdf [231 KB]

UPDATED: 07-16-2018