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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Become a PMF

2022 Application

The PMF Class of 2022 Application is tentatively scheduled to open for approximately two weeks during the fall of 2021.

The application will be accessible via an announcement on USAJOBS ( once the application opens. The Timeline below will be updated when information becomes available.

Please review the Eligibility, Application Process, Assessment Process, and FAQs webpages for additional information about the application and how to prepare for it.


NOTE: The dates below are approximate and subject to change. Please check for any updates. All deadlines are based on Eastern Time.

Fall 2021

The 2022 PMF Application will open and close at Noon (ET) for approximately two weeks

Approximately six weeks after application closes

Announcement of the PMF Class of 2022 Finalists (Finalists will have an appointment eligibility period of 12 months from date of selection and announcement)

Informational Webinars

A list of informational webinars will be posted here when available.

What's New

Below is a summary of changes from 2021 going into the 2022 Application cycle:

  • Application Criteria:  The following are updates to the application criteria. A full copy of the "Application Criteria" can be found under the Resources section.
  • New Degrees Added:  Data Science/Analytics, Health Sciences, and Social Studies
  • Revised degrees (revision appears in italics):  History/Archeology, International Development/Studies, Languages/Linguistics, Pharmacology/Pharmacy, Philosophy/Ethics, Public Administration/Management, and Real Estate/Building Management

UPDATED:  11-18-2020