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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

the opportunity

PMF as a Pathway

Anyone Can Be Presidential

Bearing the Presidential moniker, the PMF Program is a flagship leadership development program at the entry level for advanced degree candidates. It was created more than three decades ago by Executive Order and has gone through many changes over the years. The Program attracts and selects the best candidates possible, but is really designed with a more narrow focus - developing a cadre of potential government leaders. It provides some sustenance during the first years of employment and encourages development of leadership capabilities. The PMF Program inculcates a lasting bond as well as a spirit of public service, ultimately encouraging and leading to a career in the government.

What Do You Want to Change About Government?

What Will You Give?

You will give the best you have to give to a cause greater than yourself. You will bring fresh, new ideas and a willingness to take on challenges never dreamed possible.  Your zeal for the position will serve to spark new energy and excitement in your co-workers. As part of the PMF "fraternal order," you will portray your elite status through the quality of your work and service to your country. You will need to demonstrate leadership, foster teamwork, set goals and, in the end, deliver something of value to the American people.

What Will You Get?

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In addition to salary and benefits, the PMF Program gives you a lot in return for your hard work. Your two-year appointment will provide a fast-paced opportunity to gain experience and develop your talents. You will be challenged with opportunities to flourish into a problem solver, strategic thinker and future leader. In addition to working at a single Federal agency, you may have the option to participate in a rotational opportunity at another agency. These rotational opportunities will challenge you even further and give you insight into how other areas of government operate.

While serving as a PMF, you will receive:

  • 160 hours of formal interactive training (on leadership, management, policy and other topics)
  • Challenging work assignments
  • Feedback on your work
  • At least one 4 to 6 month developmental assignment
  • Potential for promotions and career ladders
  • Upon certification of completion, which permits immediate noncompetitive conversion to a permanent or term position and carries prestige anywhere you go thereafter

Where Can You Go With This?

As a PMF, you can take your experience anywhere you want to go with your career. Many PMFs have continued their Federal service; many others have gone to the private sector, academia and the non-profit world.

The PMF Program is an excellent leadership training ground. Where will YOU take it?

How Do You Get Started?

It all starts with your application. Get started now.

UPDATED: 07-16-2018