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Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Getting Info

Join the PMF Campus Listserv for Updates

Academic officials can join our PMF Campus Listserv to receive important program updates.

To subscribe, visit and select "PMFCAMPUS" from the drop down, enter your name and email, and hit "Submit." To unsubscribe from the PMF Campus Listserv, simply send an email to with “UNSUBSCRIBE PMFCAMPUS” in the body of the email.

Subscribers should encourage other academic staff interested in the PMF Program to subscribe. Subscription to this listserv is intended for academic staff only and not for students interested in applying to the program. Students or individuals interested in receiving general program information should subscribe to the PMF Listserv from the "Stay Informed" section on the homepage.

Academic Stakeholders Meeting

Prior to the launch of the PMF application cycle, the PMF Program Office holds an annual meeting in the summer with academic stakeholders. The meeting is held via an on-line webinar through Adobe Connect. During this meeting, academic stakeholders are invited to learn more about the PMF Program and receive updates on the upcoming application cycle. The meeting announcement is sent via a broadcast email to the PMF Campus Listserv subscribers.

You can check to see if your computer and network are properly configured for Adobe Connect by clicking on the Adobe Connect Pre-Meeting Diagnostic Test link at An "Adobe Connect Visual Quick Start Guide for Participants" can be found under the Resources section. You may need to seek assistance from your agency's IT department.

Adobe Connect is also supported on mobile devices. To find out more, go to

Current Finalists

A sortable list of Finalists is available by going to

The list can be sorted by class year, Finalist's name, academic institution (issuing the advanced degree), advanced degree, and status (e.g., Appointed, Withdrawn, or blank for those seeking an appointment). There is also an "Appointed" tab showing what Finalists have either been accepted or started a PMF appointment by agency/sub-agency and start date. There may be a slight overlap between classes of Finalists.

NOTE:  The list of Finalists will only reflect those applicants who gave permission to be publicly listed and will automatically remove a class of Finalists when their 12 month appointment eligibility period expires.

Help and Contact Information

Additional information can be found under the FAQs section.

Visit the next section on available Resources for academia.

Questions regarding the application and assessment process can be emailed to

UPDATED: 11-03-2020