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Current PMFs

Training and Development

PMF Leadership Development Program Overview

As you embark on your two-year journey as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF), we welcome you to participate in the Presidential Management Fellows Leadership Development Program (PMF LDP). The PMF LDP is designed to give you a cohort-based developmental experience that prepares you for future leadership in the Federal Government. The PMF LDP curriculum helps Fellows to identify the values they hold and how those values can lead to making a difference in the Federal Government and in their role as civil servants. Through self-assessment, intensive small group discussions, team challenges and their professional individual development plan (IDP), Fellows will be guided through critical leadership competencies and have opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

The PMF Program Office has partnered with OPM’s Center for Leadership Development (CLD) experts from the Federal Executive Institute (FEI), The Lab at OPM, and the Process & Performance Improvement Program to provide the PMF LDP. To learn more about CLD and the educational courses offered, please go to

The PMF LDP is designed to take place over a participant’s 2-year fellowship. Fellows who participate are asked to make their best effort to complete the full curriculum during their 2-year fellowship.

Training Hours

NOTE:  PMF LDP activities' mode of delivery are noted in parentheses.

PMF LDP Year 1:  Leading Self Hours*
Pre-work:  Articles, Assessment(s), IDP Creation (Asynchronous) 7
3-Day Orientation and Training (In-Person) 22
Competency Trainings (Virtual) 9
Government Leader Interviews (Virtual) 3
Walk-the-Talk Activities (Virtual) 12
Final Reflection Session (Virtual) 1-2
PMF LDP Year 2:  Leading Change Hours*
PMF LDP “Leading Change” Training Pre-Work / External Work (Virtual) 2
PMF LDP “Leading Change” Orientation and Training (Virtual or In-Person) 21
Work Challenge Sessions 8
Final Reflection:  PMF LDP Year 2:  Leading Change:  Challenge Project 1
Challenge Project:  Group Work (Virtual); hours vary based on level of participation 10+
Challenge Project:  Presentations (Virtual) 6.5 min - 10 max
PMF Program Office Organized Optional Training Opportunities Hours*
Peer-to-Peer Exchanges (Virtual) - Two 2-hour sessions per year - open to all Fellows 4 per year
Lunch and Learn Sessions - Twelve 1-2 hour sessions per year - open to all Fellows 12-24 per year

*Hours listed are for planning purposes and subject to change. Actual instructional hours may vary based on project alignment and level of engagement.

Fellows will receive Certificates of Completion documenting their time participating in the program. The PMF LDP Leading Self (Year 1) and PMF LDP Leading Change (Year 2) each include a variety of required program elements, as outlined above. Fellows will be issued one Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of each of these programs (e.g., at the end of Leading Self (Year 1 training) and Leading Change (Year 2 training)). Fellows will be issued a certificate for each Lunch and Learn they choose to attend. Certificates can be found by Fellows logging into the Apply Site of the PMF TMS and viewing “Events”.

PMF LDP Open to All Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs)

All PMFs have access to the PMF LDP though their one-time placement fee per PMF that hiring agencies submit to the PMF Program Office. There are NO ADDITIONAL TUITION COSTS. Travel costs may be required for in-person sessions.  Fellows must have onboarded and issued a government work email address to participate. Finalists waiting to onboard and have been recorded as appointed (a Fellow) may register in advance if registration is open.

Participation is at the discretion of the Fellow's agency and/or Supervisor and is strongly encouraged. For additional information, please review OPM Form 1310, the PMF LDP Participant Agreement. The OPM Form 1310, PMF LDP Participant Agreement, can be found under the Current PMFs/Resources webpage. This agreement is mandatory and establishes the expectations between the Fellow and their Supervisor for the Fellow’s full participation in the PMF LDP. When Fellows register, they are required to complete the agreement and upload it to the PMF TMS via their user account on the Apply Site before their registration will be confirmed.

NOTE: Host agencies for developmental assignments and rotations are required to allow a Fellow to continue their participation in the PMF LDP once they have started (exceptions may be made for rare and unusual circumstances such as overseas travel or other conditions that would make it extremely difficult for a Fellow to continue participation while on a developmental assignment or rotation). Initial PMF LDP communications are sent to the Fellow's personal and work email addresses. It is the Fellow’s responsibility to (1) notify their Agency PMF Coordinator of any changes and/or updates in the PMF TMS (Talent Management System), and (2) monitor their work email from their employing agency for any communications. We are unable to temporarily change a Fellow’s work email address when on their developmental assignment or rotation.

In addition, the PMF LDP encourages the Fellow's Supervisor and Agency PMF Coordinator to be fully engaged. Additional details will be provided in separate communications to Fellows.

PMF LDP Year 1:  Leading Self

This introductory leadership training begins with a multi-day in-person course followed by bi-monthly virtual sessions with small-group Cohorts. Fellows typically enroll in this training during their first year in the program at the first available opportunity. Leading Self is a fundamental step in the leadership journey model. Fellows will explore their personal values and develop a better understanding of how they influence one’s leadership style.

The highlight is the 3-Day In-Person Orientation and Training, which serves as the foundation of the entire PMF LDP experience. Attendance is required to participate in other formal first year program elements (such as the peer-to-peer exchanges and competency training) as well as to participate in PMF LDP Year 2 “Leading Change”.

You will then spend 3 days in a transformative leadership development experience led by faculty of the highly regarded Federal Executive Institute. The training introduces you to the values, skills and competencies required to lead in the Federal Government. Highlights include interactive sessions focused on inclusive leadership, finding purpose in service, leading with integrity, and the role of the Oath of Office and civil service. This multi-day PMF LDP is grounded in assisting a Fellow to identify the values they hold that lead to making a difference in the Federal Government and in their role as civil servants. Through self-assessment, intensive small group discussions, team building challenges and a professional individual development plan (IDP), Fellows will learn to develop a vision for something they care about. With an emphasis on being a change maker through service, passion, and integrity, Fellows explore who they are and the impact that they want to make both personally and professionally. You will also engage with the PMF Program Office team, learn about the overall PMF LDP and PMF Program requirements, network with your colleagues, and hear from Federal agency guest speakers.

The 3-day training is only the beginning, and the Federal Executive Institute will support you in the months that follow to develop key competencies for emerging leaders that align with the Federal Leadership Competency Model; Executive Core Qualifications; and, the Executive Order 14035 of June 25, 2021, on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility within the Federal Workforce. The required program elements include:

  • Bi-Monthly coaching/mentoring sessions to continue competency development (required)
  • Government Leader Interviews to provide an opportunity for Fellows to interview two leaders in their agency or across government.
  • Walk-the-Talk Bi-Monthly Challenge activities allow Fellows to put into practice the lessons learned from the previous month’s competency.
  • Final Reflection Session

PMF LDP Year 1 Eligibility and Registration

To participate in the Year 1 session, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a PMF who has onboarded at your host agency and your appointment information is complete (e.g., current government work email address and supervisor contact information),
  • You have your supervisor’s approval to participate and attend the full 3-day session,
  • The training tuition for the PMF LDP is included in the one-time placement fee; however, any travel costs and adjustments to work schedule, will be the Fellow's appointing agency's responsibility.
  • Your PMF placement fee must have been paid for by your agency (you will not be permitted to attend unless payment is submitted or other arrangements made; please contact your Supervisor and/or your Agency PMF Coordinator directly to find out if the one-time placement fee has been paid. You can also monitor this as part of your appointment information on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS under “View Appointment Info” and see the “Finances” status).
    • NOTE: Fellows should attempt to register even if their placement fee is unpaid or if your status is unclear. This allows the PMF Program Office to monitor your situation and confirm your attendance once fees are in-process or paid or waitlist you if space becomes available or for the next session.
  • You are available to participate in bi-monthly competency group sessions scheduled after the event.
  • You should not contact the PMF Program Office to confirm eligibility to participate in the PMF LDP; please contact your Supervisor and Agency PMF Coordinator.

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, please review this webpage entirely before registering.

You will be asked to complete the OPM Form 1310, PMF LDP Participant Agreement, which is posted under the Current PMFs/Resources webpage, prior to being confirmed for participation; additional instructions will be provided during the registration process.

Registration is posted as an event on the PMF TMS. If you plan to register to participate, you must obtain supervisory approval. Each 3-day session will have a capacity limit – Fellows who are waitlisted will be prioritized for enrollment in the following session. Also, please make sure your work contact information and home mailing address are up to date; you can check this by logging into your user account on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS and clicking on “Manage Docs & Personal Info”. There may be an occasion to mail you training material that is mailed to your home address.

PMF LDP Year 2:  Leading Change

Prerequisite: Completion of the 3-day PMF LDP Year 1: Leading Self training is REQUIRED prior to beginning the PMF LDP Year 2: Leading Change. Fellows may be concurrently enrolled in the PMF LDP Year 2 “Leading Change” training while completing required elements from the PMF LDP Year 1 training (i.e., coaching competency sessions and peer-to peer sessions).

Leading change involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside an organization, to meet organizational goals. As the first of the five executive core qualifications identified by OPM, the ability to effectively lead change is important for all emerging leaders. Through this training, Fellows will participate in a multi-day session unpacking the fundamentals of Change Management and learn process improvement methods and tools to identify and solve problems. The Year 2: Leading Change curriculum is designed to help build and strengthen Fellows’ abilities in key leadership competencies such as Partnering, Flexibility, Team Building, Problem Solving, Political Savvy, and more.

"Leading Change" Training

Training is provided by OPM’s Center for Leadership Development subject matter experts. Fellows are introduced to techniques and methods they can immediately utilize to support their work engaging in Challenge Projects. Training elements include the following:

  • Change Management:  A human-centered approach to facilitating change and building buy-in.
  • Process Improvement: The proactive task of identifying, analyzing, and improving upon existing business processes within an organization for optimization and to meet new goals or standards of quality.
  • Human-Centered Design: A framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.
  • Work Challenge Sessions: These sessions provide an opportunity to put your training into practice, discussing ways that the tools you learned can be applied to your Agency’s challenges. The sessions will be interactive and led by subject matter experts from the Center for Leadership Development.

Virtual and In-Person Offerings

The PMF LDP Year 2 training will be offered both virtually and in-person in Fiscal Year 2024. The curriculum and training hours will be the same; however, the virtual trainings will take place as a series of 4-hour blocks whereas the in-person training will be consolidated over 3 days. In both instances, the trainings will be followed by monthly work challenge sessions.

PMF LDP Year 2 Eligibility and Registration

Eligibility to participate in the Year 2 training consists of the following elements:

  • Fellows must have completed the 3-day PMF LDP Year 1 training session (prerequisite)
  • if not yet completed, agree to continue PMF LDP Year 1 work by participating in remaining competency and peer-to-peer sessions.
  • Fellows may register even if the end of training goes past their conversion date, however Fellows will need to agree to continue their training post-conversion. Only hours of training accrued prior to conversion may be counted towards the Fellow’s training hour requirements.
  • Priority registration will be given to Fellows in their second year; however, first year Fellows may enroll if there is available space, and the other requirements are met.

PMF LDP Year 2:  Challenge Projects

Challenge Projects

Challenge Projects are an optional opportunity geared towards Fellows who have completed their Year 2 training.  They present an opportunity for second year Fellows to put their training in action while supporting Federal agencies with real world challenges. Challenge Projects:

Each Fellow will work with their team of Fellows on their Challenge Project, and then present their work in front of Fellows and agency senior leadership at the end of the project period. The Fellows will apply techniques gained from their training and work experience, developing solutions for a real agency challenge. Each Fellow, as part of a team, works on their Challenge Project, and presents their work to their Cohort Fellows and agency senior leadership at the end of the project period. Challenge projects focus on problems that do not have a single obvious answer (i.e., the solution is not clear or the choice between solutions is debatable) and address a complex issue that has a significant impact on Agency strategic and mission effectiveness.

Eligibility to participate in the Year 2 Challenge Project consists of the following elements:

  • Fellows must have completed the 3-day PMF LDP Year 1 training session (prerequisite)
  • Be in the second year of their fellowship at the start of the Year 2 challenge project.
  • If not yet completed, agree to continue PMF LDP Year 1 work by participating in remaining competency and peer-to-peer sessions.
  • It is recommended that the Challenge Project be completed after taking the Year 2 training; however, Fellows who no longer have the time in their schedule to complete the Year 2 training first will be permitted to enroll if space permits.

Events Open to All Fellows

Lunch and Learn:  The PMF Program Office will sponsor lunch and learn events throughout the year. These events are open to ALL Fellows regardless of year and are optional. These sessions will focus on topics of professional interest to a wide range of Fellows. Topics will be based on needs and interests identified by Fellows, Supervisors, and Agency PMF Coordinators. These sessions may be attended and counted for training hours with permission of your Supervisor. Sessions will last between 1-2 hours each.

Peer-to-Peer Consultation, which provides Fellows an opportunity to solicit feedback from peers about a leadership challenge. Sessions will take place twice per year and are 1-2 hours each.

Learning and Engagement Opportunity Digest:  A learning and engagement opportunity digest is sent out to Fellow at least once per month outlining upcoming PMF Program Office sponsored training as well as external training that may be relevant. External training opportunities are provided for informational purposes. Fellows must check with their Supervisor and/or Agency PMF Coordinator to ensure that training will count towards required hours. Fellows should document such participation on their IDPs (Individual Development Plans).

Event Notification and Registration Process

Fellows will be notified via an automated email from the PMF TMS when an event is posted. Event details, registration, and automated emails come through the Events Management System built into the PMF TMS. To ensure notification is sent to all Fellows, the PMF TMS will send an invitational email to the Fellow's work AND personal email addresses on record. Fellows may view their current appointment information (e.g., check the accuracy of their work email address) by logging into their applicant user account on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS. After receiving Supervisor approval to attend, Fellows may pre-register.

NOTE: Fellow’s user accounts are defaulted to enable delivery of automated emails from the PMF TMS; Fellows may opt-out of receiving automated emails if they choose. To confirm/edit your permissions, log into the Apply Site of the PMF TMS and click on “Manage Settings”.

The PMF Program Office will validate pre-registrations and send a separate confirmation email with additional details prior to the scheduled event. Registrations may be waitlisted or marked pending if the Fellow has not onboarded yet, the one-time placement fee is outstanding, or the event is full. Priority will be made for those Fellows waitlisted from the previous session.

Fellows should not register to participate until they obtain supervisory approval. Each agency has different policies and procedures for an employee's training and development. Fellows may need to consult their Agency PMF Coordinator for additional guidance.

Fellows should track their participation in the PMF LDP on their Individual Development Plan (IDP). Certificates of Completion will be provided either at the conclusion of an event or at the end of each year of the PMF LDP, as applicable. Fellows and Agency PMF Coordinators can monitor registrations and hours of completion awarded in the Events Management System on the PMF TMS. Fellows can access and print a Certificate of Completion where applicable.


NOTE:  Additional dates will be added once confirmed and subject to change.

Year 1:  3-Day PMF LDP Orientation and “Leading Self” In-Person Trainings (taking place in the  Washington, DC, Metro Area)

  • Cohort 18:  July 30 - August 1, 2024
  • Cohort 19:  October 8-10, 2024

NOTE: Required virtual training activities continue for 12 months after the initial training as outlined above.

Dates for required competency trainings and peer-to-peer trainings will be provided by email to eligible Fellows who have completed the initial 3-Day PMF LDP Orientation and “Leading Self” Training. Additional course activity dates will be provided upon confirmed registration. The full duration of the of the Year 1 PMF LDP is 12 months and will continue into the second year of the fellowship for most participants.

Year 2:  "Leading Change" Training and Challenge Project

  • Cohort 12:  May 21-23, 2024
    • 21 hours of in-person training over a 3-day period in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

NOTE:  Required virtual training activities continue with monthly work challenge sessions for 4 months after the initial training as outlined above.


Check this webpage and the Current PMFs/Resources webpage for any updates as items are subject to change.

Send any questions you might have to the PMF LDP team at

UPDATED:  03-04-2024