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Monday, July 22, 2019

Current PMFs

Training and Development

Leadership Development Program

The PMF Leadership Development Program (PMF LDP) is designed to support the PMF's leadership journey during their two-year fellowship. Participation in the PMF LDP will count towards their training and developmental requirements.

In addition, the PMF LDP encourages the Fellow's supervisor and Agency PMF Coordinator to be fully engaged. During the PMF LDP, both supervisors and Agency PMF Coordinators will be invited to participate. Additional details will be provided separately.

The PMF LDP is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Deliver a premier developmental experience that equips the PMFs for future leadership roles in 21st century government.
  • Support Agency PMF Coordinators in fulfilling their roles as guides to PMF development
  • Support Agency PMF Hiring Managers and Supervisors in fulfilling their roles as models and mentors
  • Build a strong esprit de corps across each PMF Class through Collaboration and Relationship Building
  • Apply experiential learning methods to ensure learning transfer
  • Connect accomplished PMF Alumni with current PMFs to serve as models, mentors and guides.

Each session will start with a cohort of Fellows and span over an initial three-day training event. Each session will have a capacity of 100 Fellows to accommodate the entire class while maintaining an interactive learning environment. 

Program Overview Highlights

Year 1:  Leading Self and Leading Others - The PMF Journey

All Fellows will be expected to fully participate in a multi-day orientation session to jumpstart the program. Full participation is required in order to obtain credit for the Fellow's training and developmental requirements, as well as obtain certification of completion.

Competencies Included:

  • Resilience
  • Conflict Management
  • Developing Others
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Continual Learning
  • Motivation to Serve

Also included:

  • A full-day at the White House with Administration Leaders
  • Agency PMF Coordinators and Supervisors will be invited to participate

Year 2:  Leading Change


  • Team Building
  • Partnering
  • Political Savvy
  • Decisiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Problem Solving

Also included:

  • Quarterly Networking Events with other Fellows and Alumni
  • Monthly Fellows' Community of Practice
  • Coaching

NOTE:  The PMF LDP is designed to take place over a Fellow's 2-year fellowship. Fellows are asked to commit to the curriculum over their 2-year fellowship.

A copy of a slide deck explaining the PMF LDP and the PMF LDP Journey Map can be found under the Current PMFs\Resources webpage.

Eligibility to Participate

The PMF LDP is being offered to Fellows starting with the Class of 2017 and going forward. Unfortunately, Fellows from classes prior to 2017 are not able to participate; however, they will continue to be invited to other PMF Program Office sponsored training and developmental activities (e.g., Mt. Vernon, Quarterly Networking Events, Speaker Series, etc.).

In order for Fellows to participate in the PMF LDP:

  • The Fellow must be already on board at their agency,
  • The Agency PMF Coordinator has accurately entered the Fellows' appointment information in the PMF Talent Management System (TMS).
  • And the agency has submitted the one-time placement fee to the PMF Program Office for the Fellow's initial appointment.

The Fellow's Agency PMF Coordinator is responsible for accurately recording PMF appointments in the PMF TMS and ensuring the Fellow's program office has reimbursed the PMF Program Office for the one-time placement fee. Fellows should not contact the PMF Program Office to confirm eligibility to participate in the PMF LDP; please contact your Agency PMF Coordinator.

The training tuition for the PMF LDP is included in the one-time placement fee. However, any travel costs will be the Fellow's appointing agency's responsibility.

How to Register

Current Fellows will be notified of additional information and when to pre-register via email. After consulting with their supervisors to gain approval to attend, Fellows may pre-register. Once available, Fellows will be able to log into their applicant user account on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS and click the "PMF LDP Pre-Registration" button. The PMF Program Office will validate pre-registrations and send a separate confirmation with additional details prior to the scheduled training.

Fellows should not register to participate until they obtain supervisory approval. Each agency has different policies and procedures for an employee's training and development. Fellows may need to consult their Agency PMF Coordinator for additional guidance.

Fellows should track their participation in the PMF LDP on their Individual Development Plan (IDP).

NOTE:  During the full-day White House event, all participants must be pre-cleared to access the facility due to security requirements. The confirmation email will contain a link for Fellows to submit Personal Identifiable Information (PII) ahead of time in order to access the facility. Such information will include Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Full Legal Name, Gender, etc.

Please continue to check this webpage for any updates as items are subject to change.

UPDATED:  07-05-2019