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Current PMFs

Training and Development


There are many training opportunities available to Fellows. These opportunities not only provide training but also the chance to network with other Fellows. You are not limited to the opportunities listed below and are encouraged to identify other training opportunities that will help meet your specific needs. Many agencies have learning centers for their employees to obtaining training; check with your supervisor or Agency PMF Coordinator.

Periodically the PMF Program Office provides training opportunities, often called "Forums." These opportunities are normally limited in size. The Program Office will announce the training opportunity by sending an email to Fellows and/or posting it on this website under the News & Events webpage. Such training opportunities would count towards the 160-hour requirement of formal training for the entire fellowship.

Newly appointed Fellows should review the “PMF Participant Handbook” and sign the Acknowledgement Receipt once completed. Upon completion, Fellows may record 1-hour of time towards their training hours. For more information on the “PMF Participant Handbook”, please review the Orientation webpage.

Please keep track of your training on your Individual Development Plans (IDP). You are required to obtain 80 hours of formal interactive training each year of your fellowship in order to satisfy the PMF Program's training requirements. Fellows who attend training events sponsored by the PMF Program Office (such as the PMF Orientation and PMF Forums) should apply those hours towards this requirement.

Reference to "formal interactive training" is training that is interactive between the Fellow and the instructor and/or participants. This does not include training that simply provides the Fellow slides he/she reads through (e.g., the typical mandatory training all Federal employees must complete for IT security would not count). Training conducted via webinars or on-line platforms would count as long as participation is interactive between the Fellow and the instructor and/or other participants.

It is the Fellow's responsibility to maintain their IDP in recording any training and development, including any evidence of participation or completion; this includes participation in any PMF Program Office sponsored orientation webinar or forums. Fellows should confirm with their Agency PMF Coordinator on what documentation is needed as proof of meeting program requirements, especially when it is time to certify you have met all requirements.

Training Opportunities Sponsored by the Federal Government

U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offers many leadership courses at each of its training centers, comprising of the Center for Leadership Development. The list of courses offered at these centers may be found at The training centers consist of OPM's Management Development Centers (MDCs) in Washington, DC, and Denver, CO, and the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) in Charlottesville, VA. From the website, Fellows can search for "Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)" under the "Course Types" search function to identify those courses suited for Fellows. The PMF Program Office worked closely with the Center for Leadership Development in identifying courses with Fellows in mind.

OPM's LEAD Institute empowers federal leaders to take charge of their professional development by providing a clear path to leadership education and development that's right for them and their careers. The LEAD Institute offers essential role-based leadership skills that help individuals fulfill their Individual Development Plan (IDP), putting them squarely on the path to career development. There are four leadership tracks. Each track enables current and future Federal leaders to assess their effectiveness, gain core knowledge and develop critical skills for leadership success. Fellows are encouraged to pursue the Project Team Lead leadership track. Additional information may be found at

Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) can be a resource for Fellows located outside of the Washington, DC, metro area. The mission of the FEBs is to create value to the public by fostering communication, coordination and collaboration with Federal, state, and local government agencies. To learn more about the FEBs and their locations, visit the FEB website at

FEBs occasionally sponsor training opportunities that Fellows in the field are eligible to attend. Agencies hiring Fellows in field locations outside the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area, are encouraged to promote interaction among regional Fellows and permit Fellows to attend FEB-sanctioned activities in that region.

The PMF TMS (Talent Management System) will track the associated FEB location based on the Fellow's Duty Station, if any. OPM headquarters in Washington, DC, covers the Metropolitan Area. Regional Fellows may be placed together into teams during PMF Program Office sponsored training and developmental activities (e.g., the PMF Leadership Development Program).

Agencies often sponsor training opportunities through a learning management system.  Fellows are encouraged to enroll in their agency's learning management system to identify training opportunities that support the goals and objectives on their Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Although these opportunities are typically limited to agency personnel, often PMFs on rotation are also eligible. Fellows on rotation should check with the Agency PMF Coordinator or the agency learning officer to determine whether or not they are eligible to enroll in the learning management system. Fellows may want to network with other agency Fellows on such opportunities or coordinate a group training event.

UPDATED: 08-30-2021