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Monday, April 19, 2021


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Rotational Opportunities

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One of the most exciting opportunities in the PMF Program is the ability to go on rotational assignments. These rotational opportunities place you in another part of your own agency, or in another agency altogether, and give you a broader perspective of how the Federal Government works. References to rotations and developmental assignments are combined into the same category as rotational opportunities.

Rotational opportunities are one to six months long and you'll be paid the same salary as the rest of the Program. Your required developmental assignment consists of 4-6 months in duration and is consistent with your IDP. While on a rotation, you may work on similar or completely different kinds of projects as in your primary agency. You'll also get to interact with many different people, and can grow your network even further.

Rotational opportunities are unique opportunities for you to propel your career forward. Additional information for Fellows can be found under the Training and Development webpage.

If you're interested in impacting how the Federal Government works from a variety of agencies, go to the Become a PMF webpage to learn about the application process.

UPDATED:  07-16-2018