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Saturday, April 10, 2021


Grow With Us

Training Opportunities

Your growth and development as a leader is the cornerstone of the PMF Program. Training and career development opportunities are built into the program, specifically:

  • Formal Training:
    At least 80 hours per year of the fellowship, on topics related to leadership, as well as consistent with your target position.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP):
    A way to track your development goals and chart your progress toward them.
  • Annual Performance Plan and Review:
    Just like every other Federal employee, you will be evaluated against a performance plan created by you and your supervisor giving you helpful feedback and ways to improve.
  • Developmental Assignment:
    This four to six-month rotational opportunity will help you learn how to lead a project involving different stakeholders in order to achieve a goal of some benefit to your agency and the American people.
  • Special Events:
    Organized by your agency, OPM, or the PMF Program Office, these events will give you opportunities to network with your peers and learn about their experiences.
  • Rotations (Optional):
    Of one to six month durations, giving you a rare opportunity to see how other parts of government function, combined with the required developmental assignment, these are referred to as rotational opportunities.

If you want to take advantage of these unique opportunities, go to the Become a PMF webpage to learn about the application process or to the Current PMFs webpage to learn about the fellowship.

UPDATED: 07-16-2018