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Friday, October 18, 2019


Agency Responsibilities

PMF Hiring Official\Supervisor

PMF Hiring Officials and Supervisors play a critical role in the PMF Program and directly impact the overall experience for their PMFs by providing developmental opportunities and meaningful work. The Program is designed and intended to develop future government leaders, and as such, is an excellent option for agency workforce and succession planning. Supervisors may need to consult with their Pathways Programs Officer, Agency PMF Coordinator, and HR Office for guidance and assistance in adhering to PMF Program requirements and work with HR staff for the on-boarding process.

Supervisor Orientation:

The PMF Program Office offers an orientation for Supervisors of Fellows via a webinar through Adobe Connect. The orientation will address program requirements and answer individual questions; this webinar is approximately 2 hours in length.

You can check to see if your computer and network are properly configured for Adobe Connect by clicking on the Adobe Connect Pre-Meeting Diagnostic Test link at You may need to seek assistance from your agency's IT department.

Adobe Connect is also supported on mobile devices. To find out more, go to

Registration for each session will open approximately 1 month in advance. Registration requests must contain the PMF Supervisor's work email address. Please check back frequently for additional sessions.

You can register for by selecting the link below. Only those webinars available by audience will be listed. If you do not see a webinar specific to you, please check back for updates.

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Hiring Official\Supervisor responsibilities include:

  • Work with the Agency PMF Coordinator to advertise PMF appointment opportunities in the PMF TMS (Talent Management System).
  • Recruit Finalists for PMF positions by posting appointment opportunities and interviewing Finalists. Finalists have a 12 month appointment eligibility period to accept and start a PMF appointment.
  • Assign PMFs to specific positions with defined duties and career ladders.
  • Ensure a Pathways PMF Program Participant Agreement has been completed.
  • Work with your Agency PMF Coordinator and finance office to submit the PMF reimbursement fee to the PMF Program Office within 30 days after a Finalist has accepted a PMF appointment offer. The fee covers the recruitment, assessment, selection, and placement of Finalists into PMF appointments; PMF Program Office operations and support to stakeholders; various training and developmental opportunities for stakeholders; and, the PMF website and automated systems.
  • Assist with the assignment of a Mentor (a managerial employee outside the Fellow's chain of command).
  • Develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with the Fellow that addresses the target position, developmental requirements, and recommended activities. Supervisors may need to consult with the PMF's Mentor.
  • Provide at least 80 hours of formal interactive training during each year of the fellowship. Tuition for PMF Program Office sponsored forums and training webinars are included in the placement fee and may be counted towards the 80 hours of annual training. Agencies bear the costs of travel and per diem for these events, as well as tuition and costs for additional outside training and development.
  • Provide PMFs with at least one 4-6 month developmental assignment.
  • Provide a reasonable amount of time during work hours for other PMF activities, as appropriate, such as PMF Forums and/or optional rotational opportunities of 1 to 6 months in other occupations or functional areas.
  • Establish a performance plan and annual evaluation for each PMF with performance elements and standards for the competencies expected and for duties assigned.
  • Provide input to the agency's Executive Resources Board (or equivalent) as needed to evaluate the PMF's progress and certify whether the Fellow has successfully completed the Program.

A copy of the Pathways Programs regulations, along with other agency resources, can be found under the Agencies\Resources webpage. For a current list of participating Federal agencies and their designated Agency PMF Coordinators, please follow the instructions under the Agencies\List of Coordinators webpage.

UPDATED: 08-22-2018