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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Agency Responsibilities

HR Office

The agency's Human Resources (HR) staff is responsible for the following:

  • Preparing policies and criteria for the promotion of Fellows.
  • Assisting the hiring official and/or Agency PMF Coordinator with the agency's selection, appointment, and on-boarding process. This includes an appointment opportunity posted in the PMF TMS.
  • Verify the Finalist's completion of all graduate degree requirements before bringing onboard as a Fellow.
  • Ensuring veterans' preference is applied throughout selection process.
  • Initiate background investigation and establish Entrance on Duty (EOD) start date.
  • Processing personnel transactions upon a PMF's initial appointment or reappointment, promotion, conversion, etc.
  • Ensure a Pathways PMF Program Participant Agreement is completed between the Fellow, Supervisor, and HR.

A copy of the Pathways Programs regulations, along with other agency resources, can be found under the Agencies\Resources webpage.  For a current list of participating Federal agencies and their designated Agency PMF Coordinators, please follow the instructions under the Agencies\List of Coordinators webpage.

UPDATED: 11-03-2016