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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Agency Responsibilities

Pathways Programs Officer

For those Federal agencies that choose to participate in a Pathways Program (e.g., the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program), it must designate a Pathways Programs Officer (PPO). The PPO is responsible for administering the agency's Pathways Programs. The PPO must be a position at the agency's headquarters level.

Pathways Programs Officer responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the recruitment and on-boarding process for Pathways Participants.
  • Coordinating the agency's Pathways Programs plan with agency stakeholders and other hiring plans.
  • Serves as a liaison with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) by
    • providing updates on the agency's implementation of its Pathways Programs,
    • clarifying technical or programmatic issues,
    • sharing agency best practices, and
    • other similar duties.
  • Serves as OPM's primary contact on policies, procedures, and program changes for its Pathways Programs.
  • Reports to OPM on the agency's implementation of its Pathways Programs and individuals hired under these Programs (e.g., workforce and succession planning).
  • Identify the agency's designated Agency PMF Coordinator responsible for administering the agency's PMF Program and serving as a liaison with OPM.
  • Ensure the timely submission of the PMF reimbursement fee to the PMF Program Office.

A copy of the Pathways Programs regulations, along with other agency resources, can be found under the Agencies\Resources webpage. For a current list of participating Federal agencies and their designated Agency PMF Coordinators, please follow the instructions under the Agencies\List of Coordinators webpage.

Updated: 11-03-2016