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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Success Stories

Roxanne Wallace: 2014 PMF

My fellowship as a PMF began in June 2014 with the U.S. Census Bureau as a Program Analyst.  I was given the opportunity to serve as the Lead Survey Statistician for the 2015 American Housing Survey data collection operation and as a Supervisory Survey Statistician where I worked daily with Survey Statisticians, Field Supervisors and over 550 Field Representatives in the Philadelphia Regional Office. During this time I participated in managing the full range of data collection, analysis, and data dissemination activities and functions. My supervisory and management responsibilities included the full range of the Philadelphia Regional Office's data collection activities and functions of the American Housing Survey for the states of Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and portions of Kentucky, and monitoring over 10 surveys for the Philadelphia area. My focus and duties included monitoring and evaluating the survey's operating cost and survey's operation to assure cost effectiveness, consistency, accuracy, and validity of the data collected. This allowed me to supervise and evaluate the overall survey operation and operating costs to achieve high response rate while meeting program deadlines and ensuring costs efficiency.

The Philadelphia Regional Office's American Housing Survey caseload of 26,375 was the highest in the nation where I monitored survey operating costs and generated multiple reports (expenses, staffing and inventory) using various tracking databases. The most important aspect of my duties was maintaining and enhancing relationships through verbal and written communications with Census Headquarters, Philadelphia Regional Office Management, Survey Supervisors and Field Supervisors. Additionally, leading and supervising teams to strategically plan, develop, and analyze the overall performance goals across all surveys was an exciting challenge. I gained valuable knowledge and skills during my fellowship that I know will stay with me throughout my Federal career. Owning my fellowship experience, by setting goals and never losing site of the big picture, allowed me to accomplish many wonderful things over the past two years. A more proficient and efficient Federal Government can exist with leaders who never lose site of the "Big Picture".