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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Best Practices: A "Handbook for Hiring Managers" from the USDA Forest Service

Posted on 2020-02-03T00:00:00

Great resources deserve to be shared. When it comes to the PMF community, this is especially true when it comes to resources that support bringing top talent into Federal service.

Our friends at the USDA Forest Service recently created one of those resources for use within their agency, so we here in the PMF Program Office wanted to share it with all of you. Our hope is that it will inspire similar tools at your respective agencies. It is a “Handbook for Hiring Managers,” and you can find it here: USDA Forest Service PMF Handbook for Hiring Managers. This handbook serves as an incredible example of a roadmap for hiring managers who may be interested in bringing on a PMF, and is filled with answers to FAQs to help guide them through the process.

Kudos to all the Fellows at USDA Forest Service who created this handbook. Not only is the handbook itself a best practice, so is the way they put it together. Fellows worked in consultation with their PMF Advisory Board and Agency PMF Coordinator to build a resource that meets USDA Forest Service hiring needs, and one that will ultimately help get Finalists placed across the United States.

As we gear up for the In-Person Hiring Fair in March, this handbook serves as a great example of a resource that can be used within agencies both to educate hiring managers on PMF and give them the tools they need to tap into the talent represented in the PMF Class of 2020 Finalist pool.

Additional resources for agencies can be found on the Agencies\Resources webpage.