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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Become a PMF



Federal agencies may hire Finalists through the PMF Program to fill positions involving policy and legislative program development. The intent of the PMF Program is to train and develop Fellows for positions into the competitive service upon conversion.

As a result of the Pathways Programs regulations (effective July 10, 2012), impacting the PMF Program, Finalists cannot be appointed into attorney positions and Fellows cannot reappoint into attorney positions in the competitive service. Finalists seeking appointments as an attorney in the Federal Government may wish to look for such opportunities outside the PMF Program through USAJOBS or on individual Federal agency websites.

Attorney positions are outside the PMF Program's hiring authority for those Federal agencies recruiting positions in the competitive service. There are a number of occupations for which a law degree and/or legal experience are qualifying and valuable, and may be appropriate for Fellows, but not necessarily required. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Paralegal Specialist;
  • Hearings and Appeals Specialist;
  • Contract Specialist;
  • Grants Management Specialist;
  • Labor Relations Specialist; and
  • Estate Tax Examiner.

Applicants with an LLM (Masters of Law degree) may meet eligibility requirements for a professional degree. However, for those individuals who obtained their LLM from a foreign academic institution, the LLM may need to be validated to the qualification standards Federal agencies will use in filling PMF appointments. 

In addition, Fellows should not be serving as attorneys or practicing law during rotations or developmental assignments.

UPDATED: 09-19-2020