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Tuesday, April 13, 2021




Finalists are initially appointed as Fellows at the GS-9, GS-11 or GS-12 level (or equivalents) grade levels. Although actual salaries vary by geographic location, the chart below shows the base salaries for the General Schedule AND salaries specific to the Washington, DC, metro area for these grades. 

These base salaries are as of January 2021; salary tables are updated annually (when applicable) and posted to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's website at the beginning of the calendar year. For the most current information on Federal pay by location, please visit OPM's Salary Tables webpage.

GS LevelBase SalariesWashington, DC Salaries
GS-9 $46,083 - $59,907 $60,129 - $78,167
GS-11 $55,756 - $72,487 $72,750 - $94,581
GS-12 $66,829 - $86,881  $87,198 - $113,362

While in the PMF Program, Fellows may become eligible for a promotion. Eligibility for a promotion will be determined by the policies and criteria adopted by the employing agency for the PMF Program, which may differ from the policies and criteria that apply to other positions. If the agency's policies would permit this, it is possible Fellows could even be promoted into a position within a "career ladder" that extends beyond a GS-12; Fellows cannot be promoted past a GS-13 during their fellowship until they have completed all program requirements, been certified by the Executive Resources Board, and converted (if the position has promotion potential beyond the GS-13).

Under the Pathways Programs regulations, Finalists must minimally meet OPM qualification standards for their initial appointment. Fellows must also meet minimum eligibility requirements for a promotion. In general, a Fellow must have 1-year of specialized experience at the current grade level before minimally being eligible for a promotion (if applicable). Promotions are not guaranteed and at the supervisor's discretion. Fellows should consult with their supervisor and Agency PMF Coordinator for promotion policies and procedures.

UPDATED:  01-04-2021