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Friday, December 13, 2019



PMF Talent Management System (PMF TMS)

The PMF TMS provides registered agency users the ability to do much more than in the previous system (previously referred to as the PMF TAS (Talent Acquisition System)). The PMF Program Office will create user accounts for agency personnel at the headquarters-level serving in the role as Agency-wide PMF Coordinators. Agency-wide PMF Coordinators can create user accounts for Sub-Agency PMF Coordinators, Agency Human Resources (HR) Staff, and Agency Hiring Officials. All Agency PMF Coordinators can manage their Fellows, within their assigned agency, from appointment through conversion. Operational actions are conducted by logging into the PMF TMS:

Below is a description of the PMF TMS modules and agency user roles:

  • User Management:  This is the module where Agency-wide PMF Coordinators create and edit user accounts, reset passwords, and deactivate Agency and Sub-Agency users. Agency-wide PMF Coordinators have access to all sub-agencies within the agency, if applicable. Sub-Agency PMF Coordinators may also create Agency HR Staff and Agency Hiring Official users associated to their sub-agency.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: There are three roles in the PMF TMS with different levels of permissions and access. 
  • Agency PMF Coordinator - Agency-wide PMF Coordinators create user accounts at all levels within their agency and the Sub-Agency PMF Coordinator accounts. Sub-Agency PMF Coordinators may create Agency HR Staff and Agency Hiring Official accounts. Agency PMF Coordinators have the ability to search, view, and print Finalist' resumes; appoint Finalists; update appointment information; and record conversion information. Agency PMF Coordinators can post appointment, rotational, or training opportunities. Agency-wide PMF Coordinators can also access all sub-agency records and perform tasks on behalf of Sub-Agency PMF Coordinators when needed.
  • Agency HR Staff  - The Agency HR Staff is a role in the PMF TMS but does not need to be someone in an HR office. This role can create and post appointment, rotational, or training opportunities on behalf of the agency/sub-agency associated to. Agency HR Staff can search, view, and print Finalists' application documents. They cannot appoint a Finalist or manage the Fellow's record in the PMF TMS.
  • Agency Hiring Official - The Agency Hiring Official role is for individuals (e.g., hiring officials) who only need to search, view, and print Finalists' resumes. 

DATED:  03-20-2017