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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Success Stories

Andre Castillo: 2010 PMF

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In just his third month on the job, Andre Castillo created and led the Department of Veterans Affairs Task Force on Multi-Generational Recruitment and Retention, under the directive of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration, John U. Sepúlveda.

Andre presented the idea to create the task force to the Assistant Secretary, who had long believed that VA would require a more concerted effort to recruit the next generation of employees.

As the strategic organizer behind the inception of the task force, Andre assembled, interviewed, and vetted its members, which included 6 Subject Area Team Leads from VA's Office of Human Resources and Administration and 27 liaisons and Subject Matter Experts across the Department, the Federal Government, and the non-profit sector.

As Co-Chair of the task force, Andre led the design of its structure, organizational chart, reporting responsibilities, goals, scope and deadlines. In addition, Andre conducted its meetings, authored its agendas and oversaw the drafting of its charter.

Finally, Andre successfully managed the task force's nearly three months of work, culminating in the presentation of a comprehensive report to the Assistant Secretary. Andre was instrumental in the report's creation, serving as its lead writer, editor, and researcher. The report has since been circulated throughout the Department and has laid a foundation for the Assistant Secretary's ongoing efforts to address the issue.