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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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PMF Privacy Act Statement

PMF Privacy Act Statement

Executive Order 13562, Pathways PMF Program, authorizes solicitation of this information, which will be used primarily to process, evaluate, and select finalists for participation in the PMF Program. Providing this information is not mandatory, but failure to provide the information or providing incomplete information may prevent or delay processing of your application. Other possible routine uses of the information of collected includes releasing information to the following: (1) to refer information to the Federal, State or local agency responsible for investigating, prosecuting, enforcing when there is an indication of a violation or potential violation of civil or criminal law or regulation; (2) to Congressional office in response to an inquiry made by the individual who's record is requested; (3) to disclose information to a Federal agency, a Court, or a party in litigation before a court or in an administrative proceeding being conducted by a Federal agency, when the Government is party to a judicial or administrative proceeding; (4) to the U.S. Department of Justice, or in a proceeding before a court, adjudicative body or other administrative body before which OPM is authorized to appear; (5) to the Merit Systems Protection Board or the Office of the Special Counsel, when requested in connection with appeals, special studies of the civil service and other merit systems, review of OPM rules and regulations, investigations of alleged or possible prohibited personnel practices, and such other functions, e.g., as prescribed in 5 U.S.C. 1205 and 1206, or as may be authorized by law; (6) to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, when requested, in connection with investigations into alleged or possible discrimination practices in the Federal sector, examination of Federal affirmative employment programs, compliance by Federal Agencies with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, or other functions vested in the Commission; (7) to the Federal Labor Relations Authority or its General Counsel, when requested, in connection with investigations of allegations of unfair labor practices or matters before the Federal Service Impasses Panel; (8) to Federal agencies for employment consideration; (9) to State and local governments, congressional offices, international organizations, and other public offices, with permission of the candidates, for employment consideration and developmental opportunities; (10) to refer Fellows for consideration for reassignment and promotion within the employing agencies; (11) to individuals requesting OPM data as summary descriptive statistics and analytical studies in support of the function for which the records are collected and maintained, or personnel research functions / manpower studies, or to locate individuals for personnel research; (12) to a Federal, State, or local agency maintaining civil, criminal or other information, for the purpose of requesting information relevant to an agency decision concerning the hiring or retention of a candidate; (13) to an academic institution regarding a recent graduate's participation in the PMF Program.

Social security number (SSN): We are requesting the last 4-digits of your SSN under the authority of Executive Order 9397 as amended by Executive Order 13478. The last 4-digits of your SSN is used to help identify records that are unique to you. 

UPDATED: 11-04-2016