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Appointment Opportunities

Appointment opportunities are posted throughout the year and based on agency need. A number of appointment opportunities are posted around the time Finalists are selected and officially announced. The PMF Program Office works with all participating Federal agencies to identify and post their positions, and encourages agencies to bundle their positions when Finalists are announced as much as possible. Additional appointment opportunities may become available as agencies adjust their budgets and staffing levels.

Agencies determine the position, job series, grade level, promotion potential, and location of each position posted. Agency needs will vary from year to year.

Finalists should only apply to positions in those geographic locations which they are willing to relocate. Each appointment opportunity lists the location(s) of the position. On rare occasions, some agencies may be able to cover relocation expenses. Finalists should inquire to the agency regarding relocation expenses, remote work, and COVID-19 policies. Opportunities for overseas positions are extremely rare.

Finding Appointment Opportunities

Participating Federal agencies must post PMF appointment opportunities in the PMF TMS for Finalists to view.

Finalists should log into their applicant user account under the Apply Site of the PMF TMS at to search for available appointment opportunities. Only current Finalists can access and view appointment opportunities.

Finalists should monitor the PMF TMS for new appointment opportunities and contact Agency PMF Coordinators for any questions and information around future appointment opportunities. Finalists are also sent an automated digest email the day after an appointment opportunity was posted live by an agency; however, only those Finalists who opted-in to receive automated emails will receive these digest emails. To make sure that Finalists are getting these notifications, Finalists can opt-in to receive automated emails by adjusting their settings on the Apply Site. Please be sure to add your safe or allowed list to prevent any of the automated emails going to spam.

Finalists are encouraged to be proactive and network to learn more about potential opportunities and others’ experiences. Many Finalists have found success by reaching out to current PMFs, PMF Alumni, Agency PMF Coordinators, or other contacts within Federal agencies in which they are interested to learn more about finding a PMF position.

There are a number of PMF social media groups where Finalists may reach out to gain valuable perspective from current Fellows and alumni. Finalists can search for these on-line.


Finalists are encouraged to apply to any and all positions for which they are interested in and for which they meet qualifications. Finalists must apply via the “Apply Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Announcement Details when viewing the opportunity on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS. This may be in addition to those agencies requiring Finalists to apply via their Talent Acquisition Systems (e.g., a link to an announcement to apply to on USAJOBS); this is allowed by agencies, but they must also recognize and use submissions from Finalists using the "Apply Now" feature. Agencies are able to manage applicants (Finalists who apply to their announcement) and record initial appointments in the PMF TMS.

During the Finalists’ 12 months of appointment eligibility, Agency PMF Coordinators gain access to Finalist records, including Finalists’ names, email addresses, information on degrees, skills, and the resume, transcripts, and any veterans’ preference documents submitted at the time of the application. Agencies do not have access to your on-line assessment scores or supporting documentation for reasonable accommodation requests.

Before applying to a PMF appointment opportunity, Finalists will be given the opportunity to update their resume and transcripts (both their advanced degree and undergraduate degree transcripts), review the How to Apply instructions in the announcement, and include a message of consideration/cover letter with their submission. See more information about updating documents under the Preparations webpage.

All Finalists, regardless of current degree or employment status, may apply to positions at any time during their 12-month eligibility window. It is recommended to apply early, as processing time and background checks/security clearance timelines may vary. Current graduate students who have not completed their advanced degree requirements may interview and secure a tentative offer, but such Finalists will not be eligible to onboard until their degree is conferred.

Once you secure an appointment with a participating Federal agency and that agency records your appointment in the PMF TMS, your status changes from “Finalist” to “Fellow.”

Agency PMF Coordinators

Each participating Federal agency identifies an Agency PMF Coordinator who manages the PMF Program at the agency level and who serves as a liaison between the agency and the PMF Program Office; not all Federal agencies participate in the PMF Program. If you do not see an Agency PMF Coordinator for a sub-agency, contact the Agency PMF Coordinator at the agency (headquarters) level. The PMF Program is intended for Federal agencies within the Executive Branch; however, we do allow participation by other Federal agencies in the Legislative or Judicial Branches to participate. Those agencies that participate can fluctuate throughout the year. If you do not see a particular agency you are interested in, it presently does not participate.

To view the current List of Agency PMF Coordinators, click on the following link: You may want to bookmark this webpage for future reference. Participating Federal agencies and Agency PMF Coordinators change frequently and you should check often for any updates.

In addition to reaching out to Agency PMF Coordinators, Finalists can learn more about Federal agencies that participate in the PMF Program, and the scope of the work and mission of those agencies, by visiting their agency profile page . The agency profile pages include agency information, resources, any live appointment or training opportunities, and the contact information for all Agency PMF Coordinators; the content is maintained by the Agency PMF Coordinator. To find these agency profile pages, log in to the Apply Site of the PMF TMS and click on “Explore.” Finalists can also sort the agency profile pages to only show those with active PMF appointment opportunities and/or recently updated.

Visit the next section to view information on Preparations.

UPDATED: 01-12-2021