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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Become a PMF

Current Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the PMF Class of 2016 Semi-Finalists!

You can view the official list of 2016 Semi-Finalists sorted by last name and then by academic institution. This list also identifies all Semi-Finalists by PMF and PMF STEM; whereas, the "Type" column distinguishes between those applicants selected as Semi-Finalists for the PMF STEM track.

Approximately 6,050 applications were received for the PMF Class of 2016 and 808 have been selected as Semi-Finalists (including 129 selected as PMF STEM Semi-Finalists).

Shortly after Semi-Finalists are announced, a personalized invitational email will be sent to all Semi-Finalists to schedule their In-Person Assessment.

For information regarding the 2016 Timeline, please visit the Become a PMF\2016 Application webpage. For information regarding the In-Person Assessments and an updated "2016 PMF Assessment Preparation Guide," please visit the Become a PMF\Assessment Process webpage.

UPDATED: 11-18-2015