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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Become a PMF

Current Finalists

View the official listing of the PMF Class of 2015 Finalists Adobe Acrobat Version [53 KB] by last name. Congratulations if you were selected as a 2015 Finalist!

As a Finalist, you have up to 12 months from selection to obtain an appointment as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF); this is referred to as the appointment eligibility period. Finalists from the Class of 2015 Finalists were officially selected on March 26, 2015, and have until March 26, 2016, to accept and start a PMF appointment.

Please be sure to review the Find a Job section for information about the Job Fair events and how to find PMF appointment opportunities.

Shortly after Finalists are officially selected, the PMF website is updated to show current Finalists via a variety of sorted listings. The listing of Finalists can be viewed by their name, their status, their academic institution, and by agency if appointed as a PMF.

To access the sorted lists, follow these steps:

1.  Go to the login screen for Finalists and Fellows at

2.  At the top of the screen, you will see a link to "View Finalists and Coordinators". (See example below.)

Finalists _coordinators _example

3.  Click on the link to be redirected to the sorted lists of Finalists and Coordinators.

4.  The screen will refresh and default to show all current Finalists in alphabetical order.

5.  Click on the desired sorted list.

UPDATED:  09-03-2015