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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


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Career Assessment Pilot

The PMF Program Office is conducting a pilot program for 2021 Finalists to voluntarily complete a Career Assessment (“Assessment”). The Assessment is conducted through WOWI (World of Work Inventory) and is a scientifically developed, objective assessment that incorporate three dimensions:  (1) Career Interest Areas, (2) Aptitude/Achievement measures, and (3) Work Styles. General information about WOWI can be found at and a short video about the Assessment can be found at

The information Finalists receive from the assessment could also be helpful as Finalists look for a placement as a Fellow with a Federal agency. For Federal agencies, the goal is to better understand overall aptitude for key mission critical positions across government, such as cybersecurity, emergency management, etc., across Finalists from a wide variety of degree programs and backgrounds, and assist with recruiting and placing Finalists into positions to be developed as future leaders in those areas. Specifically, cybersecurity is a high-demand skill area for the Federal workforce and agencies are participating in a variety of initiatives to train their employees to do cyber work. The results of these assessments, and a Finalist communicating their willingness to agencies to learn cybersecurity skills, could be a great way to secure a PMF position with an agency and to expand a Finalist’s professional skillsets during the fellowship.

Finalists who access the Assessment automatically provide their consent to have their results shared with the PMF Program Office for research purposes. But in order to share their results with registered Federal agency users on the PMF Talent Management System (PMF TMS), Finalists will be asked to provide their consent from the list of permission questions on the Apply Site of the PMF TMS. Registered Federal agency users will be able to search for Finalists on the PMF TMS who have provided their consent to share their results.

In early December 2020, the PMF Program Office invited 2021 Finalists to voluntarily complete the assessment by  January 31, 2021. Shortly after the deadline, the PMF Program Office will obtain and upload results in the PMF TMS. Finalists are informed of the following when invited to participate:  (1) completing the assessment is voluntary, (2) whether or not completing the assessment will not affect the status of any Finalist, and (3) completing the assessment and its results does not guarantee placement as a PMF.

Those Finalists who complete the assessment will be invited to an informational webinar to be provided an overview of the results and how to utilize in their career paths. A separate informational webinar will be offered to all Agency PMF Coordinators to be provided an overview and how to utilize the reports.

Agencies having a need to find talent in high demand areas such as cyber can then post PMF appointment opportunities to recruit Finalists into those positions in two ways:  (1) Agencies can post appointment opportunities for specific positions (such as information security specialist, etc.) or (2) Agencies can post appointment opportunities for positions such as a Program Analyst and identify the specific target position that they want the candidate to be ready to convert into at the end of the fellowship.

Remember that the PMF Program is ‘Developmental by Design’ and exists to help agencies recruit advanced degree talent screened for leadership potential and developed to meet the talent and leadership pipeline needs of the agency. To help agencies place Finalists into developmental positions, the PMF Program Office produced the “PMF Program’s Program Analyst Career Ladder Position Description Templates Guide” to help agencies create Position Descriptions for a GS-0343-9/11/12, Program Analyst. This Guide can be found under the Agencies/Resources webpage. When agencies are ready to recruit a PMF Finalist, they should reach out to their Agency PMF Coordinator and complete the “PMF TMS Appointment Opportunity Template for Agencies” posted under the Agencies\Resources webpage. Agency PMF Coordinators and their contact information can be found under the List of Agency Coordinators webpage.

Based on the success of this pilot, the PMF Program Office may continue offering this career assessment to future classes of Finalists.

UPDATED:  02-10-2021