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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Getting Info

Join the PMF Campus Listserv for Updates

Academic officials can join our PMF Campus Listserv and, as a PMF Program partner, receive important program updates through this periodic newsletter. Officials can simply email plain text formatting (without signature or attachments). If you are unable to click the link, you can email with the Subject line, "SUBSCRIBE PMFCampus". In the body of the email enter:
  • School Name
  • Full Name
  • Title

Officials will receive confirmation as a subscriber. Subscribers can easily unsubscribe using the same procedure: by simply emailing using plain text formatting (without signature or attachments) - and in the body of the email enter: UNSUBSCRIBE PMFCampus (without a period).

Subscribers should encourage other academic staff interested in the PMF Program to subscribe. This list provides a method for the PMF Program Office to communicate with the academic community stakeholders, to keep them informed about important PMF Program events and information. Subscription to this listserv is intended for academic staff only and not for students interested in applying to the program.

You can also use a web interface to subscribe/unsubscribe to the PMFCampus listserv.

Academic Stakeholders Meeting

The PMF Program Office holds an annual meeting, via an on-line webinar, with academic stakeholders, usually prior to the launch of the next PMF application cycle. The meeting is where academia are invited to learn more about the PMF Program and any updates. The meeting announcement is sent out via the PMF Campus Listserv.

Help and Contact Information

Additional information can be found on the FAQs for Academia webpage.

Questions regarding the application and assessment process can be emailed to

UPDATED: 08-12-2014