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Current PMFs

Training and Development


Below are testimonials from Fellows, Agency PMF Coordinators, and Supervisors:

  • Just being exposed to human centered design and lean six sigma principles, having the opportunity to hear lectures on leadership and panels of PMF alumni, having more face-to-face contact time with fellow PMFs and the PMF Program Office, etc.--each of these things have benefited me greatly during the LDP experience. I've definitely been more reflective in my day-to-day work as a result of group and individual coaching and better understanding my personality type and tendencies; I've clarified some of my current job and future career goals; and I've produced better quality work overall, as my work is more and more informed by the learning I've been exposed to during the program. (This last statement is ambiguous, I know, but it's very true: just having learned what I have during the LDP has had a priceless benefit on my professional and personal life--and I know that will continue to be the case in the future.)
  • I absolutely love my group, our coach, and the experiences we have had so far with leadership development. The design of the competency sessions has worked very well for us, leading to engaging, meaningful discussions. And the problem solving sessions have helped many of our group members tackle real issues in positive, productive ways. Additionally, I have been getting more and more feedback from my group about how their development through our group coaching sessions has improved their confidence, communication skills, problem solving, and leadership to the point where they are proactively applying the skills they are learning (and the same goes for me!). We are becoming better civil servants and better leaders.
  • As a result of the LDP, I have made more and deeper connections with PMFs across the Federal interagency and within OPM's PMF Program Office. This has given me greater awareness of the work my colleagues are doing and allowed me to explore connections between our work and how it relates to the broader Presidential Management Agenda and other strategic objectives toward which we are all ultimately working as Federal employees serving the American people. I think this has enabled me to think more strategically at times.
  • I spend more time talking/reading/studying about the ECQ's mostly because of the cohort coaching sessions.
  • I have considered my relationship to political acumen differently and have tried to strengthen my preponderance in areas where my coworkers rated me comparatively low by better preparing for meetings and trying to go the extra mile where possible.
  • I've learned quite a bit from the group coaching sessions and from some of the readings/material. It has helped me to deal with workplace and leadership challenges more effectively.
  • LDP has inspired me to seek out stretch assignments and challenge myself in my work. The LDP sessions kept me motivated to keep pushing myself, and they reminded me why I got into government service in the first place.
  • One thing I have done differently is change the approach I have towards training and advocating for training for myself and others. I try to do two things in a training, gain new connections and intensely listen to the content being provided noting information and ways to be applicable to my immediate and future work situations. In graduate school, the opportunity to be in learning spaces was seemingly endless, less so in work situations now. Therefore, the PMF LDP program experience provided a good contrast to my work environment and gave me an opportunity to be mindful of the experiences it provides.
  • I found the LDP Coaching session on accountability extremely helpful in both my professional and personal life. It's an important concept to focus on, and I'm glad it's being encouraged as part of this program.
  • Working with PMF colleagues from different agencies has given me a great exposure to the particular culture in those agencies. It definitely gave me a better understanding how to forge collaborations across the government.
  • As a PMF whose duty station is outside of the Washington, DC area, I have been able to expand my PMF network and gain perspective on the different agencies that I would not have received if I did not attend the LDP.
  • I greatly enjoy doing deep dives into the relevant themes and being able to discuss them with PMFs who have completely different work situations from me. It helps me understand how to best apply each concept.
  • I appreciate having a group of people who are not from my agency to talk through our experience with. We've been able to give each other advice on logistical matters like rotations, promotions, etc. and it helps to be able to sense the differences and similarities in the PMF Program implementation from agency to agency.
  • I thought it was very valuable to get exposure from the beginning of our career on what the ECQ's are and how they apply to our positions in government.
  • I really enjoyed having the opportunity to do a deep-dive on all of the assigned competencies. I also really liked how everyone had the opportunity to set their own team norms. It was very beneficial to require every participant to facilitate at least one competency.

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UPDATED:  08-02-2019