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Saturday, June 24, 2017



Post Opportunities

NOTE:  The PMF Program Office is presently migrating from the previous PMF Talent Acquisition System (TAS) to a new PMF Talent Management System (TMS). Some features are presently unavailable.

PMF appointment, rotational, and training opportunities are posted in the PMF Talent Management System (TMS). Such opportunities are exclusively for current Finalists and Fellows only. Finalists will use the PMF TMS to search for available PMF appointment opportunities (from the Become a PMF\Find a Job\Job Search webpage) and Fellows will use it to search for rotational and training opportunities (from the Current PMFs\Training and Development webpage). Templates used by agencies to build all opportunities and instructions on how to post opportunities can be found under the Agencies\Resources webpage.

Agency PMF Coordinators and Agency HR Recruiters have access to the PMF TMS to post  these opportunities. 

Please refer to the How to Post an Opportunity in the PMF TMS for Agencies, and the templates under the Agencies\Resources webpage. In addition, agencies can find a sample of the posting within the templates.

Only certain registered agency users have access to the PMF TMS to post opportunities. The PMF Program Office manages the Agency PMF Coordinator accounts at the primary, agency-wide level. Agency-wide PMF Coordinators can grant access for those serving as Agency PMF Coordinators at the sub-agency level, Agency HR Staff, and Agency Hiring Officials. Please contact your designated Agency PMF Coordinator for assistance.

UPDATED: 03-20-2017